Tuesday, October 13, 2009


December 13th 2009

The CO2 E - Race Project is inspired by the Bison Cave paintings.

In the stone ages, it is said that the way early man dealt with fear and challenges, was to paint them on the walls of the cave they lived in as a community .
The first registered art we have found is the painting of the Bison ox. The Bison ox gave them food and warmth, but was also a very large and dangerous animal.
By identifying and illustrating the “challenge”, they could touch, look, throw stones and talk about the image to physically and mentally confront it in their daily life together with the rest of the members in the cave. In following the early humans and their natural instinct to deal with the challenges of their time with the tools and colors available to them; the CO2 E - Race will paint an issue on our minds in order to illustrate one of the main challenges the human race is currently confronted with.

Copenhagen is the wall, the GPS the paint and the CO2 friendly cars the tools.

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